MBPO helps international business run extra effectively and also effectively, gain competitive benefit, increase success, and optimize organisation and also shareholder value.

MBPO Delivered

We handle more than million in spend and over thousand deals each year for different businesses
We recognize million in expense financial savings for clients each year
We help improve operational performance, saving clients thousands of hundreds of man hours as well as boosting performance
We aid clients synthetic more active, extra adaptable organizations with improved tactical abilities as well as focus
We help our clients achieve higher success, development to progressively interesting obstacles as well as enriching profession experiences

Fresh thinking, cutting-edge items, unparalleled domain as well as subject experience, as well as enthusiastic people– this is exactly how MBPO develops and provides combined service remedies of extraordinary range, power and effectiveness.

Those are just several of the important things that we perform in our pursuit to develop an attractive company, appreciate the journey and make a difference.

Our customers include worldwide market leaders in private sectors and leading government as well as public institutions.

MBPO aka Monat Procurement Group is part of Matradin (Malaysian TradeInvest Corp) group of companies.